Situated in the heart of Mirfield, Zion Baptist Church, a member of the Baptist Union and Yorkshire Baptist Association, has been serving God and the people of Mirfield and surrounding areas since 1825. Alas, the main church building has gone but the congregation continues to meet faithfully in the Church Hall which was originally built for Sunday School use. A short historical account of the early days of our church appears here.

We are a small church with a current membership of 13 ranging in age from mid 40s to mid 80s and our gatherings are augmented by a number of friends and frequent visitors. Not being a large church we find it easier than many to respond in a personal way to the needs of our members and visitors, and to give high priority to pastoral care. Everybody knows everybody else, and anyone can be actively involved in church life if they want to be. The Church Hall is also a focus of the community as non-church groups also use our facilities for their activities.

Church Membership

Church membership is a covenant relationship between believers. Together, believers can grow in their faith through mutual encouragement, corporate worship, and sharing Christ with our community and the world. Christians, like burning embers, often grow cold when separated one from another.